17 Year Old Cameroonian born Cedric Badjeck Signs Contract for FC Utrecht

Cedric Badjeck, a 17 year old Cameroonian Footballer, last Thursday 09 January 2012 signed a three year football contract for the Netherlands Football Club, FC Utrecht. . The talented striker has been part of the youth academy of FC Utrecht since 2008.

This season Badjeck will be under the guidance of Coach Robert Roest.

The Technical Director of F.C Utrecht, Mr. Foeke Booy has expressed joy in having the 17 year old Cameroonian talent join the selection. According to Mr. Booy, Cedric Badjeck’s contract fits the very objective of F.C Utrecht’s Youth Academy. The Youth academy was created to help young players improve their skills in order to get them ready and ripe for the main selection of F.C Utrecht.

Badjeck’s contract according to the Technical Director is a testament that the young Cameroonian is now ripe and ready for the main team. Mr. Booy added that “it is up to others in the club and Cedric himself to get to the next level”.

The Head of Education, Mr. Henny Lee also indicated that capturing the young player is a good signal towards the future of FC Utrecht. Cedric Badjeck, Mr. Lee explained …“is the first player from the Youth Academy we have signed in 2012”. He added that “our youth Academy has a good level of talents and is on the right direction to delivering the first selection”.

The head of education expressed that there are more talented young players and as a result, he expects others to follow suit. He believes, with Cedric Badjeck’s positive attitude, it will be very possible for him to develop into a higher level.

The development contract signed, according to FC Utrecht Officials, is a good plan for the future for the young Cameroonian born.


Edited by Larry Bate

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