20 May 2009 Celebrations to be organised in the Hague

On the 20th of May, Cameroon celebrates its 37th National Day to commemorate the unification of the country’s French and English-speaking areas in 1972. Since the 20th of May is a weekday, the Cameroonian Embassy the Hague has shifted celebrations to the 23rd of May 2009 to create an opportunity for every Cameroonian to be able to take part.

This year’s celebrations will be marked by several cultural activities including performances from a sensational dancer: Manguelle Brigitte; Djembé Band Zamana (Amsterdam); and a performance from BIZO (Bikutsi Singer and dancer).

There will also be a Fashion Show (parade) as well and poetry dramatization. A Football tournament has been organised to mark these celebrations. The teams are made up of Cameroonians resident in different provinces of the Netherlands. The winners and runners-up will receive trophies during the evening segment of the National Day Celebrations at the Hoge School, The Hague.

For more information in relation to this year’s 20th May Celebrations, contact the leadership of CAMNED or the Cameroonian Embassy (See Contact menu)

By Larry Bate Takang (Journalist and webmaster)

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