Ambassador Hosts New Year Party at Residence

The lists of invitees therefore was mainly made up of Cameroonians of all walks of life in the Dr. Kamga and CPDM president Charles Mbella (Both middle) share table with H.E Melono Right in spotted gownNetherlands. The Ambassador as well invited some of the heads of Cameroonian Associations and individuals who not only contribute to the fostering of goodwill among Cameroonians in the Netherlands, but as well those who contribute to the development of Cameroon from abroad.

Some of the very significant guests were the CPDM leadership in the Netherlands; the Cameroonian intelligentsia, as well as Cameroonian businessmen and women.

She was elated to have a full house of Cameroonians of ‘good example’, which she did not hesitate to acknowledge in her welcome speech. Her speecAmbassador introduces Embassy 2nd Secretary, Jean Patrice Koe Jrh began with warm New Year wishes for all present. She thanked everyone for their sincere contribution to the work of the Embassy and requested more collaboration between the Embassy and Cameroonians in the Netherlands. She also used the opportunity to explain the Embassy’s position going forward. This position, she re-explained, was one of openness, more cooperation and more understanding between the Embassy and Cameroonians.

She then later introduced her small Embassy team whom she sincerely thank for the marvelous work they do. Significant was the Embassy Second Secretary, Mr. Jean Patrice Koe Jr. whose service Ambassador Mrs. Melono described as ‘examplary’. Next was her secretary, Madame Mbock Yvonne, and the receptionist-Miss Hiol Massock Nicaise. Other membersA cross section of guests at the event of staff were away for other duties but she never forgot to acknowledge their work and service.

The event was characterised by its very relaxed nature. Everyone could comment or contribute to the free for all discussion that ensued. There was enough to say or laugh about. So too was there enough to eat and drink.

Guests intermingled and posed for photographs while sharing New Year wishes. As described by a few of the guests at the event, the New Year party was “a great success”.


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