Ambassador Invites Motivational Speaker to Speak to Women at Women’s Day Event

Mrs. Marcelle Abomo Ella (Life Coach and Motivational Speaker)

Mrs. Marcelle Abomo Ella (Life Coach and Motivational Speaker)

In view of the annual celebration of the International Women’s Day by the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in The Hague, the Head of Mission, H.E Ambassador Mrs. Odette Melono has invited a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker (Miss Marcelle Abomo Ella) to give a presentation to the Cameroonian Women in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Mrs. Marcelle Abomo who is a certified Life Coach is expected to speak on the theme: “Femmes, ôtons ces limites”…in English: “Women remove these Limits”.

According to the Life Coach, we live in an era where the woman more than ever, both for herself and for her entourage, do manifests her brilliance, her presence, and her strength.

She further explains that because women are endowed with abundant capabilities, the woman is themarcelle_abomo1 bearer of a glorious destiny and a certain heritage. Therefore, nothing is impossible to the one that accepts to remove the limits that reside within her. Rather, everything is possible to everyone who believes.

It is the above message that Mrs. Abomo Ella plans to deliver on the 12th of March in The Hague. But who is Mrs. Marcelle Abomo Ella?

Brief Introduction of the Coach and the Purpose of her Company

Mrs. Abomo is a Cameroonian living in the Netherlands who runs a company and blog called in French: “CLES De VIE”, meaning “KEYS of LIFE” with the motto:  Identity, Destiny and Heritage. The main goal of this blog is to help in Personal Development.

Very focused on staff development, Marcelle Abomo is a promoter of the life well lived by the expression of its uniqueness, its identity and its intrinsic beauty.

She is professionally qualified in Customer Relationship Management; and market management in multinational structures.


Marcelle Abomo (middle) with participants during an event

A few years ago, she became aware of her intrinsic gift of Motivation and Coaching. She then went on to become a certified Life Coach this year 2016 according to European standards. Mrs. Abomo understands that since the beginning of time, the strength of each person lies in the awareness and implementation of evidence in its inner beauty for the realization of his/her destiny.

Her mission therefore, is to help people to atone with their identity to better realize their destiny, in order to consolidate their heritage and leave a good testimony for the generation after them.

Her presentation on the 12th of March will be just one of the items the Cameroonian Embassy has planned for this year’s International Women’s Day Celebration on the 12th of March 2016 in The Hague.

A full program and flyer for the event will be published soon. Cameroonian women resident in the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are called upon to be aware.

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