Ambassador Melono Hosts First Planning Meeting For Cameroon National Day Celebrations

The meeting which held at the conference room of the Cameroonian Embassy inParticipants refresh after the First Natioanal day preparation meeting at the Cameroonian Embassy the Hague took the format of a round table discussion during which the Ambassador’s agenda was looked at and thoroughly discussed. Many other contributions came from participants whose experience and expertise in different fields were very much appreciated by H.E Melono.

Before deliberations started, Ambassador Melono guided everyone present towards her desire for a very special and successful forthcoming celebrations. She acknowledged a few misunderstandings during last years celebrations. These misunderstandings which came up during her very first 20th May experience in the Netherlands, she insisted, has to be minimized or completely avoided in 2010.

Committees were created to further the planning in different aspects and dimensions. A date was set for the committees to report back on their work on Saturday 20th March 2010. This date coincides with the second planning meeting to be held at the Embassy.

The Ambassador then made a general call to all Cameroonians, requesting them to honour their National Day and therefore join together with the Embassy to plan for it and celebrate together. She insisted that Cameroonians in the Netherlands are first of all Cameroonians before their religious or political leanage. ‘Cameroon is one’, she added and ‘therefore should be celebrated by all Cameroonians as one beautiful country’.

In rounding up the meeting, Ambassador Melono charged participants present to be good ambassadors of Cameroon. He requested them to help explain the position of the Cameroonain Government in relation to the issaunce of new biometric passports to other Cameroonains in the Netherlands.

“The request of identification papers for a passport to be issued is a solid request by the Cameroonian Government and not the request of the Embassy”. “The Embassy’, she added, “simply represents the position of the Government”. “Cameroon like other countries, simply needs identification papers to proof ones Nationality…and a birth certificate, which does not carry ones photo, cannot effectively prove that it belongs to you”, she concluded.

The meeting ended with light refreshments.


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