Ambassador Mrs. Melono Supports Writers of Book on Malaria

The book is jointly written by successful TV presenter Julia Samuel and journalist/writer Elise G. Lengkeek, who is as well the author of “Ik beken” (I Confess) and “De hel van Tjideng” (The Hell of Tjideng).

After having been diagnosed with cancer, author Julia samuel travelled to Africa, where she committed herself to working with an NGO called “Drive Against Malaria”, which fights agianst malaria. As part of their activities, they crossed rainforests, areas with landmines, deserts etc in search of fogotten tribes. It is a combination of all of these experiences in Africa as well as her personal experience when she attacked by cerebral malaria that inspired her contribution to this book.

The experiences of a cancer patient’s sacrifice to help some of Africa’s hidden tribes against contacting malaria drew sympathy and support from the Cameroonian Embassy in general and Ambassador Mrs. Melono in particular. Most importantly, the desire by the Cameroon Government to combat the spread of malaria, was an important factor that caused H.E Mrs. Odette Melono to be one of the first diplomats to travel to Amsterdam, not only to purchase one of the first copies of Julia Samuel and Elise G. Lengkeek’s book, but to as well express the Cameroonian Government’s stands in the fight against malaria. It should be noted that the Cameroonian Government is making much effort is combating the spread of malaria amongst Cameroonians.

It was also a very personal trip for the Cameroonian Ambassador who sees the fight against malaria , as a fight that Africans and non Africans alike should take seriously.

The Booklaunch, organised by the Truth & Dare publishers (The book publisher), was hosted by the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam on Thursday 22 October 2009 .

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