Call for Papers for Cameroon International Energy Conference Yaoundé 2010

The event will be organised by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MINEE), Republic of Cameroon and the British event organiser, AME Trade Ltd.

This international energy and water conference is the first of its kind to be organized in Cameroon. It will gather international investors, water and energy experts, directors of financial institutions, Cameroonian decision makers, development partners and donors, as well as the other key actors and partners in the energy and water industries.

CIEW 2010 will act as a platform to exchange experiences, debate and establish business partnerships and cooperation, which will lead to conclusions and recommendations for an improved development of the Cameroon’s water and energy resources.

It is for this reason that a call is being made to anyone who would like to speak at CIEW 2010 conference. Interested persons are hereby requested to send information to the organizing committee, to include:

a) Your choice of topics, title of presentation and short abstract
b) Your biography or CV

Visit the following website or contact:

Mr. Mahad Ahmed
Managing Director
AME Trade Ltd
Unit 204 Omnibus Work Space
39-41 North Road
London ,N7 9DP.
Tel:+44 207 700 4857
Fax: +44 207 681 3120

Note speeches can be delivered in either French or English, priority will given to sponsors. All communications should last no longer than 20 minutes. The deadline for all applications is January 5tth 2010.
Topics in the conference will include:
1) Investment & outlook for Cameroon Power sector Generation,
Transmission and Distribution
2) Investment opportunities in Mega power projects (planned and
3) the renewable/green power projects (Biofuels and grid connected
4) Investment outlook for water projects
5) Upstream Oil & gas Cameroon Opportunities
6) Performance of Transnational projects – lessons learned from Chad
Cameroon Pipeline project.
7) Developing suitable financing mechanisms for Cameroon Energy &
Water Infrastructure.
8) The Policy options for Cameroon Energy & Water development
Speak at a plenary session
9) The presentation must be based on one of the topics of CIEW 2010

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