Cameroon…A Nation on the Road to Progress (H.E Melono)

H.E Ambassador Mrs. Odette Melono

H.E Ambassador Mrs. Odette Melono













As we commemorate the 43rd National Day the world over, the Cameroonian Embassy in the Hague takes a general look at how far we as a nation have come since re-unification 43 years ago. Today, we have never been more proud of our fatherland as the winds of change in development, infrastructure, and construction blow across the nation.

As stated by the Head of State, H.E President Paul Biya, Cameroon has become a “vast construction site”, and there is every reason to believe that it will continue to be for a longer time.

Significant accomplishments have been registered in the fields of Infrastructural development, Peace and stability, Social Domain, Agriculture, economic reforms, transportation, patriotism and nationalism, just to name a few. Let’s take a closer look.

Infrastructural development

In terms of infrastructure, Cameroon is experiencing a new confidence in the brighter future as seen by the number of major projects being carried out by the Government. In recent months, the Government has launched the construction of several dams and hydro-electricity power plants like the Memve’ele Dam, Lom Pangar dam, Lagdo dam, Bamenjim Dam, Mekin dam, Menchum dam, Kpep, Nachtigal, etc. Other significant projects include: the Kribi deep seaport, the Cameroon-Chad pipeline project; the second bridge on the Wouri River, the extension of the railway line to Chad, several road construction projects etc as well as huge mining projects such as diamond, cobalt, gold and the Mbalam and Nkout iron ore.

When the Kribi Gas-fired Power Plant soon completes this system, Cameroon will increase its electricity generating capacity and put an end to electricity shortages, with additional plans to export energy to less endowed neighbouring countries. On 15 November 2013 President Biya  inaugurated what is being described as the first “On Shore” Natural Gas processing unit in Sub-Saharan Africa in the city of Douala, in the Ndogpassi area.

Peace and Stability

Apart from the recent attempt by Nigerian based islamist Boko Haram to distabilise the country, and despite the chaos in the Central African Republic that has poured many refugees into Cameroon, the nation is largely blessed with peace and stability. The president has made sure that the country is safe and peaceful so that greater accomplishments can be implemented and thus propel Cameroon towards emergence. 

Social Domain (Education, Sport and Public Health)

Cameroon has made several advances in the social domain, with eight State universities, thousands of secondary and primary schools (free primary education), four reference hospitals, many regional and district hospitals, public buildings for various ministerial departments, just to name a few. In the sports domain, Cameroonians have seen the construction of a stadium in Limbe and Bafoussam. Since Cameroon will be hosting the female African Cup of Nations and the male African Cup of Nations in 2016 and 2019 respectively, work is rapidly going on with more sports infrastructures like the Paul Biya Stadium in Olembé, Yaounde; the Douala Omnisports stadium in Bwang Bakoko and the Garoua stadium.


The development of the mining sector and revamping of the agricultural sector with the reintroduction of the National Agro-pastoral show has elevated Cameroon’s agricultural ambitions. Today, Cameroon is world’s fifth largest cocoa producer as agriculture remains the backbone of the economy.

Economic Reforms

Through stricter budgetary discipline and improved revenue collection, public finance has been stabilized which has rendered the administration more efficient; build new basic infrastructure, such as roads, ports, bridges, telecommunications etc…all essential for developing a modern economy; provide adequate energy supply to the industrial sector; improve the business environment; help in the development of the bauxite/aluminium sub-sector; the planned extension of SONARA; the Limbe shipyard project with the potential to become the regional ship building pool, to name a few.


According to the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) several projects to improve the country’s transportation infrastructure have been approved out of 21 projects. Out of the initial six projects given to contractors in 2013; two are on port infrastructure, three on railways, and one on roads. Since then, there have been an increase in kilometers of tarred roads and the continuation of such endeavors.

On water, the building of a multi-purpose terminal is the second phase of the Kribi deep sea port. The terminal would facilitate the transportation of goods from the numerous mining ventures in the South and East regions of Cameroon. It will consist of a seaport, a ferry terminal for cargo and passengers, and a cruise terminal.

Patriotism and Nationalism

The Bakassi peninsula is now completely run by Cameroon. It was one of the proudest moments to see the end of the Government’s fight to maintain Cameroon’s sovereignty and National integrity. When Boko Haram attacked Cameroon, President Paul Biya again did not waver. With immediate effect, he declared war on the islamist terrorists to preserve Cameroon’s peace and stability.

It should be also noted that as of January 1, 2014, the six member states of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) announced the end of Visa Requirements for their Citizens. How this will benefit Cameroonians in the long run is not clear at the moment, but Cameroonians can now travel to the other nations without requiring a Visa.

As we celebrate another National Day, it is clear that the Nation of Cameroon is characterized by very significant achievements and developments in the fields of economic growth, infrastructural development, agriculture, energy development, political freedoms, press freedoms, education just to name a few. It is also hard not to appreciate the fact that the Economy Grew 5.0 percent in 2013 and 5.5 percent in 2014, with the estimation that it could hit 6.5 percent by 2018 according to IMF.

This is good news. As Cameroonians therefore, this National Day 2015 should increase our spirit of patriotism; our love for our Fatherland and remind each other that it is time to come together and work together to bring this country to where our dreams take us.

Long live the Cameroon National Day!

Long live our Fatherland!

Long live the Republic of Cameroon!


H.E Ambassador Mrs. Odette Melono

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