Cameroon: More Than 90 Killed…500 Wounded in Train Derailment

Cameroon: Camrail Train after derailment on 21st October 2016

Cameroon: Camrail Train after derailment on 21st October 2016

More than 90 Cameroonians have been killed and about 500 others wounded after a Camrail train derailment in the town of Eseka, between the administrative capital Yaoundé and the commercial capital Douala.

On 21st of October 2016, a bridge collapsed at around the village of Matomb, along the main highway (national road number 3) between the capital Yaoundé and Douala as a result of two days of heavy rains. This collapse disrupted and stopped the flow of traffic between the two main cities. With thousands of passengers stranded, many of them decided to board a Camrail train from Yaoundé to Douala. This explains the overcrowding of the train on the said day of the accident.

train_crash1On its way from Yaoundé to Douala, the train derailed, (went of its tracks) around the town of Eseka, about 120km west of Yaoundé due to a landslide caused by two days of heavy rainfall.

So far, according to reports in the news media, about 73 people are reported dead and about 600 wounded. According to the Minister of Transport Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, the train left Yaoundé at about 11:00am (10:00 GMT) and derailed about an hour later some 200km from the capital, the transport minister said.

Cameroon: Bridge Collapse

Cameroon: Bridge Collapse

In relations to the bridge collapse, the Government has dispatched a team on the field and emergency works are being carried out in order to quickly restore traffic on the highway. This road is used by landlocked countries including Chad,CAR, Congo and Gabon to conduct economic activities. Therefore, hundreds of heavy-duty vehicles, inter-urban transport buses and personal cars are presently stranded.

Re-routing Vehicles (News routes to and from Yaoundé to Douala)

Officials are now examining the possibility of re-routing vehicles. The more plausible option is as follows: (Drivers should leave from):

YaoundéOteleMinka Makak Eseka then to Boumyebel before travelling to Douala. This requires an additional two hours of driving.


Cameroon: A washed a way bridge leaving a collapsed road

In relation to the victims of the rail accident, Minister Mebe Ngo’o said Friday that several of the injured were in a very serious condition. It should be stated that the death toll may rise; as a result updates on this situation will be provided as they are available.

In the meantime, officials of CAMRAIL have held an emergency meeting to seek ways of resolving the transportation crisis. Work began during the night to remove the derailed wagons from the line which is one of the main routes for goods and passengers between the coast (Douala) and other parts of Cameroon.

The Cameroonian Embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands extends its condolence to all victims and their families affected by the tragic train accident.

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