Cameroonian Embassy Invites Cameroonians to Jointly Watch Football World Cup Match

The Cameroonian Embassy in the Hague has organized a general Football match viewing come together. A hall has been rented in the Hague where all or interested Cameroonians are invited to merge and together watch the Indopmitable Lions of Cameroon play against Denmark on the 19th of June 2010. This is the only match arrange to be watched together so far. The address is: Juliana Kerk, Schalburgerstraat 217, 2572 TV Den Haag       Time: From 20:30 prompt
According to the Embassy, the 19th of June falls on a saturday and is therefore the most convenient day to organize a general football match watching session for Cameroonians. The choice for Cameroon vs Denmark match is therefore simply based on general convenience for everyone as it will take palce on a saturday. Some of the other matches take place during working days.

This is the very first time an idea like this is being put into practice in the Netherlands by the Cameroonian Embassy. A hall has been already earmarked for this day. Drinks will be arranged with the consideration that everyone is expected to leave soon after the match ends due to the conditions of the contract in hiring the Hall.

Please keep visiting the Cameroonian Embassy website for updates regarding the venue, time and more developments.

For more information: contact the Cameroonian Embassy: Tel: 0703469715 or the Webmaster at (0624460359)


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