Cameroonian is New World record Holder in the Game of Draughts

world record draughts attempt. jean marc ndjofangOn Saturday 20 December 2008, history was made in Emmeloord, the Netherlands as the World Record in the game of draughts technically referred to as World Record Draughts Clock Simultaneous was shattered by Jean Marc Ndjofang, of Cameroon creating a New World Record.

The calm looking Ndjofang kept a very level head to simultaneously beat 33 players making the highest number of points to become the new International Grand Master (IGM) of the game of draughts. Playing against 33 players simultaneously, he succeeded to make 26 wins, 6 draws and 1 defeat, scoring a total of 58 points. His success rate was 88% improving on the World Record set by Anton van Berkel who made a world record playing against 32 players with a success rate lower than 70%, scoring just 47 points in October 2008.

The native of Bafang (Cameroon) needed just to score a 70% success or improve on 47pts but with an improved score of 88% Success and a total of 58 points, he clearly shattered the record of his predecessor.

Jean Marc Ndjofang played far more quicker than all other players who had set this World Record against a team of 33 players from the Netherlands Draughts Federation.

In the presence of the 2nd secretary of the Cameroon Embassy in the Netherlands; Mr. Jean Patrice Koe; the Mayor of the city of Emmeloord, the media, guests and the public, the tournament  which started at 1:30pm lasted 4hours and 40 minutes.

With just 4hours 40 minutes, Jean-Marc Ndjofang therefore did not only improve on the record of success percentage wise and score wise but as well improved on time (duration) used to beat 33 players considering that the former World record holders played less than 33 players simultaneously.

The 2007 World champion: Alexander Schwarzman played against just 25 players. The July 2008 Champion: Joeren Van Den Akker played against 30 players while the most recent world record holder: Anton van Berkel played against 32 players.
With so much poise and brilliance, Jean Marc Ndjofang succeeded in planting the map of Cameroon firmly on the map of draughts playing Nations.

It is in this light that, on behalf of the Cameroonian community in the Netherlands and the Republic of Cameroon, The Cameroon Ambassador to the Netherlands (Mme Odette Melono)’s Representative, Mr. Jean Patrice Koe thanked Jean Marc Ndjofang for making Cameroonians and Africans proud. He added that Ndjofang was a true sportsman crediting his performance as that of a true master of the game of draughts. He concluded that, all Cameroonians abroad and at home are proud of his achievements and urged him to carry on.

It should be noted that despite his convincing World Record achievement, Jean Marc Ndjofang is already planning a New World Record attempt in the World Record Draughts Clock Simultaneous. Also participating in another Draughts tournament in the Netherlands; the Groningen Seaports Masters from 20-28 December 2008 are two other strongest players from Africa: Cameroonian; Leopold Kouogueu and Senegalese national: Macadou N’Diaye.


By Larry Bate Takang (Journalist, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

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