Cameroonians Abroad Can Now Vote in Presidential Elections

The Cameroon’s parliament has passed a law allowing Cameroonians in the Diaspora to participate and vote in this year’s presidential election which takes place in October.

Following this important development, the Cameroonian Ambassador to the Netherlands, her Excellency Mrs. Odette Melono has immediately begun taken practical measures to assure a very smooth registration and the coordination of a successful voting exercise in the Netherlands.

In the days ahead, H.E Mrs. Melono will be hosting a series of meetings with leaders of Cameroonian Communities in the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

While planning towards that, the Head of Mission is as from this moment, requesting every Cameroonian (both in the Netherlands and Luxemburg) interested in participating in the upcoming elections to begin the first process which is to register at the Embassy. Registering at the Embassy entails applying for a consular card. This step is compulsory as it is the only way the embassy can keep a record of recognized Cameroonians. Individuals can contact the embassy to register. A consular card costs five (€5).

It should be noted that to register at the Embassy, you will be required to show some proof that you are a Cameroonian. This is logically to make sure only Cameroonians register at their Embassy.

The Ambassador will be announcing the full registration and voting details in the nearest future. This information will be published on the Embassy website.

Finally the head of Mission is appealing to Cameroonians who may wish to get more and reliable information to contact the Cameroonian Embassy in The Hague.

                        Please read the Law Concerning the Diaspora Vote  (La Loi concernant le vote de la Diaspora) 

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