Cameroonians Can Now Aply For New Passport Booklets

It should be noted that the application for a new biometric passport will be processed at the Cameroonian Embassy at the Hague which will then be forwarded to Cameroon from where the new passports will be issued. Interested Cameroonians and /or their friends and families should be very aware of this specific information when applying for a new passport booklet at our Embassy.

Cameroonians applying for a new passport booklet, added to the other requirements (See list) will be therefore required to pay an additional fee for administrative cost which mainly covers the cost of sending document files to Cameroon and the return cost of Passport Booklets.

It is very important to re-emphasise that, the Cameroonian Embassy in the Hague is not in possession of the New Biometric Passport Booklets, as it is the situation with other Cameroonian Embassies and consulates. At the moment therefore, all applications shall be processed by our Embassy and then forwarded to Cameroon for the Issuance of Passport.

Take note that despite this arrangement, the Cameroonian Embassy determines the eligibility of any candidate as to whether that candidate qualifies to be issued a passport or not. It is therefore very important for candidates applying for Passports to meet all the requirements listed on the Passport Application Requirement list newly published on our website.

(Download list of requirements here)


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