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Cameroon Association in the Netherlands (CAMNED) Présidente: Mme Magne Tabue Marcelle email: Africa Press International (API) Founder/Executive Director: Larry Bate Association ADNA MATEN Présidente: Mme Bertens Marlyse email:   STICHTING (Fondation) Bafang Kids Président: Mr Leopold Foussom email:   KUMBA Association in the Netherlands  Présidente: Mme Prudence Nanje email: African Celebrities Magazine […]

Embassy Staff

Embassy Staff

Diplomatic Staff H.E Mrs. Odette MELONO (Ambassador and Head of Mission) Mrs. Ela (1st Secretary in charge of Finance) Mr. Jean Patrice KOE Jr. (2nd Secretary in charge of Consular Affairs) Technical Staff Mme Julienne Alexandra Bela M. (Private Secretary to the Ambassador) Mme Yvonne Ngo Mbog (Consular Officer in Charge of Visas) Mme Agnes Nicaise […]

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