Dordrecht-Bamenda Association Invites Cameroonian Women Rights Activist

Ms. Veronica Kini is the president of an organization that fights for grassroots’ women rights in BaMs Veronica Kini (Cameroonian Women Rights Activist) speaking at the eventmenda (Ntankah Village). She is also the coördinator of the National women network.

Prominently present during these activities was the Cameroonian Embassy in the Netherlands represented  by the 2nd Secretary Mr. Jean Patrice Koe Jr (Who sat in for the Ambassador Mrs. Odette Melono).

Ms Kini was invited to share her personal story; to enlighten on the activities and objectives of her organisation and most importantly to speak on “the role money and tradition plays in relationships between men and women”.

Her women’s Organization was first started as a way to help each other with work on the land, but now they also support each other emotionally, financially anCameroonian Ambassador's Rep. Mr Jean Patrice Koe Jr. speaking at the eventd physically at all important events such as birth, death, marriages, and sickness.

One of the major speakers was the Ambassador’s representative who spoke on the Ambassador’s vision on emancipation in Cameroon. He started by indicating how proud the Cameroonian Embassy and Cameroonians in the Netherlands were to see that one of their fellow country women was in the Netherlands as a result of her work in Cameroon.

In should be noted that while in the Netherlands, Ms. Veronica Kini’s group received an Emancipation Award from the municipality of Dordrecht.

The Cameroonian Embassy therefore expresses sincere appreciation and congratulations to Ms Veronica Kini and her group for their achievement and urged other Cameroonians to follow in that example.

The Cameroonian Ambassador wishes to once again personally thank the Dordrecht-Bamenda Association in the Netherlands for organizing such an event and the Municipality of Dordrecht for the Award to Ms. Kini.

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