Government Allocates 630 million FCFA to Fight Ebola

Andre Mama Fouda: Cameroon Minister of Public Health

Andre Mama Fouda: Cameroon Minister of Public Health

The Government of Cameroon has allocated the sum of 630 million FCFA (about € 960,428.81), in a practical response to fight against the spread of the Ebola Virus in Cameroon.

The government of Cameroon has taken serious measures including a plan of action to both prevent and deal with the deadly fever in case it gets into the country.

The Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda gave a press conference last Friday 29th August 2014. In it he detailed the emergency plan elaborated in case of any eventuality. The minister announced that 630 million CFA (about € 960,428.81) has been allocated to combat the Ebola virus if it gets into Cameroon and prevent its spread. The fund is to support the national response against the disease. These include the purchase of medical equipments for screening, training of health care staff, security service and immigration personnel, as well as journalists. The emergency plan also includes a number of sensitization campaigns to raise awareness about the disease among Cameroonians.

During the press conference, the Minister reiterated the need to observe very stringent hygienic conditions as the first way of avoiding the infection. Mr. Mama Fouda also called on Cameroonians to remain vigilant and report any case of vomiting, diarrhea and fever to competent medical authorities and experts.

He also called on Cameroonians to always wash their hands and refrain from eating bush meat.

Ebola Isolation Centre

An isolation centre has been created in the Nylon neighborhood (quartier Nylon), in the vicinity of the Douala International airport for suspected cases of Ebola that may enter Cameroon via the Douala Airport. The government strategy has also enabled the development of isolation wards in some hospitals.

It should be duly noted that, as of this date, there has been no reported, or suspected case of Ebola Virus infected person in Cameroon or among Cameroonians anywhere else. The Government of Cameroon is leaving no stone unturned to maintain this current status and protect all Cameroonians from this deadly virus.

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