In New Year Speech H.E Biya Says ‘RESILIENCE’ Defines Cameroon

Paul_Biya_31.dec_2015The Head of State, H.E President Paul Biya has said the single word that suffices to describe Cameroon in 2015 is ‘RESILIENCE’. Speaking to the nation in Yaoundé during his annual End-of-Year/New Year Message on 31 December 2015, he was referring to “our people’s capacity to resist and to cope with day-to-day challenges, which is acknowledged by all development partners”.

This attribute (Resilience), he added “which is fundamental to great Nations, was clearly demonstrated on two major fronts: our country’s economic performance and its security situation”.

President Biya went on to address issues affecting the country in the domain of Security with focus on attacks by the Nigerian based Islamist sect Boko Haram, Economic issues, social issues, development and infrastructures etc

To get the full gist of H.E President Biya’s speech, we have published both the English and French versions of the full speech below. You can also view and listen to the video version below (parts 1 and 2).

H.E President Biya New Year Message to the Nation (English version)

Discours de fin d’année de Son Excellence Paul Biya 31.12.2015 (Version française)


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