Invitation: Diaspora Forum (FODIAS) 2017 Yaoundé (26-30 June)

Diaspora members and partners in the Netherlands and Luxemburg interested in taking part in the Forum For the Diaspora (FODIAS) in Yaoundé, Cameroon from 26-30 JUNE 2017 should contact the Embassy as soon as possible.

FODIAS is also interested in individuals or organizations who might be interested as partners for the forum through material support in exchange for any service rendered.

The THEME of FODIAS 2017 IS: “Cameroon and Its Diaspora: Working Together For the Nation’s Development”

There will be seven selected sectors for workshops from 26-27 June 2017.

The period from 28-30 June 2017 will be meant for the development of the chosen general theme above.

Workshops will be led by representative panellists of all parties involved

To this end, INTER-PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, the selected service-provider for FODIAS would be providing for a 6-day period (26 june — 1 july 2017) the following:

  • 200 (two hundred) stalls of 9m2 at 145,000 (one hundred and forty-five thousand) cfa francs, that is, €221.00 (two hundred and twenty-one) euros
  • 65 (sixty-five) stalls of 25m2 at CFA 184,000 (one hundred and eighty-four thousand) cfa francs that is €281.00 (two hundred and eighty-one) euros, and
  • 100 (one hundred) stalls of 100m2 at CFA 514,000 (five hundred and fourteen thousand cfa) that is, €783.00 (seven hundred and eighty-three) euros.

The above-mentioned rates are therefore charges for hiring transportation, mounting, dismounting, electrification, clean-up of the festival-tents, as well as property insurance against damage.

The festival-tents are of international standards and have a wooden floor that guarantees its stability.

The INTER-PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION would as well be offering furniture (optional), e.g.:

  • 2 (two) armchairs and one table at CFA35, 000 (thirty-five thousand) CFA francs that is €53.00 (fifty-three) euros.
  • 1 (one) display shelf at CFA10,000 (ten thousand) cfa francs that is €15.00 (fifteen) euros coma
  • 1 (one) sales counter and its chair at CFA10,000 (ten thousand) cfa francs that is €15.00 (fifteen) euros coma
  • Carpet, including spreading and folding at CFA4,000 (four thousand) cfa francs that is €6.00 (six) euros per m2

Payment of the relevant charges should be made before 23 June 2017

The payment should be made through bank transfer to the following account:

Iban: swift code: cm21 10003 00200 0500003722l, sgcmcmcx.

Payment may equally be cash in advance at the Yaoundé conference centre. potential exhibitors are hereby requested to send as soon as possible their goods or heavy equipment intended for exhibition, considering the road and maritime transport required period (more than a month and a half from the country of departure to the Douala port of arrival), and intrinsic administrative procedures.

It would be advisable for the exhibitors to convey to MINREX, a list of items shipped for the exhibition, for the sake of possible facilitation.

The foundation could equally be contacted via: +237 677 70 76 79 / +237 699 93 95 88 / +237 669 999 313.


Official in charge: Madam Hagbe Tjena Charlotte.


Project developers are hereby requested to make known the characteristics of their projects, and indicating, for purposes of arrangement of b2b sessions or for the sake of any other type of meeting, with government institutions or stakeholders they would need to meet before, during, or after the forum. Tel.: +237 222 21 44 15 / fax: +237 222 21 44 88

Participants are encouraged to privilege the Yaoundé Nsimalen Airport as entry port.

Herewith enclosed are registration forms, draft programme, stalls and b2b:

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