Jean Marc Ndjofang: Africa’s Best Draughts player attempts back to back world record

The new world record attempt took place in the city of Emmeloord, in the Netherlands.          (SEE PHOTOS)

But on Saturday 18 Decemeber, 2010 dressed in a Green-Red-Yellow tracksuits, Cameroonian Jean Marc Ndjofang infront of a crowd of spectators, the media and officials, focused on a challenge no one else had won. With tight heads, only the occasional whispers and the clatter of the pieces, everyone including his challengers was in total concentration. You cloud feel the tension in the air.

On his corner to support him were officials from the Cameroonian Embassy in the Netherlands led by 2nd Secretary Mr. Jean Patrice Koe Jr. accompanied by the personal secretary to the Ambassador as well as the Ambassador’s driver.

Though very good to have beaten 33 players at a go in 2008, L’animal’s (his nickname) World record attempt against 36 players wasn’t successful.

20 december 2008 was the last time Ndjofang won to take and hold the world record. He played against and beat 33 players at once in what is referred to in the game of draughts as the clock simultaneous.

This time, trying to improve on that record, he played against 36 professional and international draughts players at once at the Exhibition Hall of the ‘t Voorhuys theater in the city of Emmeloord.

The record attempt is a sideline of the World Draughts Gibo Group which takes place from 7th to 28th May 2011 in Noordoostpolder Urk.
Meanwhile most of the 36 international draughts players who took part were players who are going to feature in the most popular World Draughts Gibo Group 2011 to be played in March 2011.

Below are just 17 of the names who played against Jean Marc Ndjofang.

GMI Baljakin Alexander, Netherlands
GMI Pim Meurs, Netherlands
MI Boomstra Roel, Netherlands
MF Wiebe van der Wijk, Netherlands
GMI Alexander Schwarzman, Russia
GMI Alexander Georgiev, Russia
GMI Tsjizjov Alexei, Russia
GMI Getmanski Alexander, Russia
GMI Amrillaew Mourodoullo, Russia
GMI Mor Seck, Senegal
GMI Ndjaga Samb, Senegal
MI Moussa Camara, Guinea
GMI Edvard Bouzinski, Lithuania
GMI Alexei Domchev, Lithuania
GMI Vadim Virny, Germany
GMI Dul Erdenebileg, Mongolia
Alisher Artykow MI, Uzbekistan

Etc etc.



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