Musician Salle John (King of Ambas-bey) to Perform at Reunification Celebrations in Netherlands

Cameroon's Veteran Singer Salle John

Cameroon’s Veteran Singer Salle John

Cameroon’s veteran singer and prolific dancer Sallé John fondly called ‘Papa Sallé’ will be guest artist at the 50th Anniversary of Reunification Celebrations in the city of the Hague, the Netherlands.

Papa Sallé was invited by the Embassy of Cameroon in the Netherlands to perform during the Reunification Gala Night on Friday 24th of May, 2013 at the Opera Zalencentrum Hall.

Sallé John was the main force behind the revival of the breathtaking “Ambass-bey music and dance”. As a result he has always been rightfully referred to as the “king of Ambas-bey”.

Ambass-bey is a style of folk music and dance based on guitar with percussion provided by sticks and bottles. It originated among the Yabassi ethnic group of Cameroon and grew popular in Douala after World War II. One of the key trademarks of Ambas-bey is the style of dance and the footwork and agility of the dancers. While the music is really attractive, the dance style crowns it all as one of Cameroon’s most popular forms of indigenous music.

On his part, no one can talk about Cameroon music without mentioning the name Sallé John. Papa Sallé, as fans call him is one of Cameroon’s most dynamic, most passionate, most exciting and interesting artists.

His passion for his brand of music is so strong so much so that his face always brims with joy whenever he is on stage as if he was performing for the very first time. He is also known to spend time (as proven in one of the videos below), teaching younger people how to dance Ambas-bey the Salle style.

Salle John was also invited to perform during Cameroon’s 50th Anniversary of Independence in Cameroon. This year, young and old Cameroonians, will be blessed on 24th May, 2013 to see the Master at his work.

DEDICATION OF HIS LATEST ALBUM “Confessions Intimes” on 24TH May 2013

After his performance in the Hague, Salle John will be dedicating his latest Album titled “Confessions Intimes”. Fans will be able to buy his latest Album CDs and also have them signed by him. This is also an opportunity to take photos with the King of Ambas Bey.

Watch a presentation of Salle John’s latest Album:

Below are other samples (in Video) of the Music and dance style of Salle John. One of the most popular of his songs was called ‘bon’essoky’.

Salle John (bon’essoky)

Salle John (Mpololo)

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