National Day Gala…Hall, Dress Code and Parking Arrangements

This follows a discussion during the last National Day planning meeting presided over by Ambassador Mrs. Odette Melono on the 16th of April 2010 at the Embassy at The Hague.

This proposal is in no way a strict dress code. It is rather advised so that Cameroonians can jointly celebrate their National Day and especially their 50th Independence anniversary (golden Jubilee) with both the National and the cultural and traditional colors of Cameroon.

This year’s National Day and Cameroon’s Golden Jubilee will be celebrated on the 29th of May 2010 in The Hague.

The Venue is Grote Kerk in Den Haag.

Visitor’s Address: Click hall website for more details

Grote Kerk (Den Haag)

Rond de Grote Kerk 12
2513 AM Den Haag
T 070 302 86 30
F 070 361 74 86 For Route Description go to….


There is Free Parking at the Plein1813 from Friday 5:00pm to Monday Morning. The Plein1813 is a square (Plein) in The Hague, in the middle of the Willemspark. Plein1813 is at the intersection of Alexanderstraat and Sophialaan. In the Middle of the Plein (square) which is like a big Round About, stands a big monument. The Plein1813 is not far from the Cameroonian Embassy. Please use your GPS or get to the area of Alexanderstraat or Sophialaan where Plein1813 is situated. If you know where the Cameroonian Embassy is situated, get there and ask.

If Free Parking at Plein1813 is not available anymore, please use the other parking centres below. You might obviously have to pay. Otherwise you have to search for other parking opportunities in the neighbourhood.

Note: The Cameroonian Embassy is not responsible for any parking arrangements. This is purely an advice by the Embassy. Any parking problems you might encounter, is at your own responsibility. You are advised therefore not to break any laws while you park or while you look for parking spaces in relation to the National Day event.

Other parking garage details:

1.      Torengarage  |  Geest 1  |  070 363 12 50
GPS: N52.0781418 E4.3045353
kaart en

2.      City Parking  |  Laan 2  |  070 365 43 87
GPS: N52.0759555 E4.3079044
kaart en

3.      Grote Markt  |  0900 44 66 880
GPS ingang Kalvermarkt: N52.0784995 E4.3179093  |  kaart en route
GPS ingang Prinsegracht: N52.0751787 E4.3084906  | kaart en route

4.      Parking Burgwal  |  Lutherse Burgwal 25  |  070 363 65 85
kaart en

5.      Parkeerterrein Medisch Centrum Haaglanden  |  t.o. Westeinde 213
kaart en

6.      ANWB Parking Spui Centrum  |  Spui 160  |  070 363 74 62
kaart en



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