Official Presentation of a Gift From The Republic of Cameroon To The ICC

Vice-President Diarra officially visited Cameroon, which signed but has not yet ratified the Rome Statute, in October.
‘’At all levels, the adherence of Cameroon to the ideals that governed the achievement of the Court, namely the fight against impunity and the promotion of world peace, has been affirmed. The ICC consideration, respect and friendship were also noted at all the levels with the handover of the gift as a consequence,” said Vice-President Diarra during a ceremony held in the presence of the ICC Judges. Also attending the event were the Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, and the Deputy Registrar, Didier Preira.

The government of Cameroon presented Vice-President Diarra with some legal publications and a painting done on obom tree bark, realised by Etolo Eyah, a very well known Cameroonian artist. While expressing his gratitude for the publications and the painting, the ICC President, Judge Sang-Hyun Song, reminded Cameroon of their commitment to ending impunity for the worst crimes.

“Cameroon participated in the Rome Conference that created the Court, and in July 1998, Cameroon was one of the very first countries to sign the Rome Statute. Two years later His Excellency, President Paul Biya, also signed another document that expresses a clear commitment to the fight against impunity: the Constitutive Act of the African Union,” said President Song. “Deciding whether to join the Rome Statute is Cameroon’s sovereign decision. But as the President of the Court, please allow me to express my encouragement for a favourable outcome of your government’s internal deliberations.”

Ambassador Melono, Ambassador of Cameroon to The Netherlands, also highlighted the importance of the visit of Vice President Diarra to Cameroon. “The creation of the International Criminal Court was welcomed by the entire international community as the advent of a permanent institution with a global mission for the suppression of the most serious crimes. However, the Court’s focus on the crimes under its jurisdiction perpetrated only in the African continent has raised questions, worse, critiques, that the constructive dialogue established by the recent visit of the First Vice-President in Yaoundé can contribute to disperse,” she said.

Ambassador Melono’s Official Statement at the ICC

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