List of Passports Ready for Collection at the Embassy

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New Passport and Visa Fees as from 01 February 2016


Below are the names of individuals whose Passports have been issued, and are available for collection at the Embassy.

What do you need to Collect Your Passport?

– The Passport Slip issued to you during your application for a Passport

– Identification Document

  • Be at the Embassy between 12:00 and 15:00 pm each working day.


New measures are being implemented with regards to the withdrawal of documents, specifically passports.

As from 30th October 2014, the physical presence of the applicant is compulsory.

Nevertheless, in case of nullifying impediment, e.g. sickness or any unavoidable absence, the applicant who wishes to have the document sent by post will have to sign a statement clearing the Embassy of any liability in case of loss of a document.

Moreover, as from this date, and for that specific purpose, the applicant will be charged sixteen Euros (€16,00).



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