Pres. Paul Biya Promises Best Educational Systems to Youths in Youth Day Speech

The Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya has told Cameroonian Youths that the state will continue to support them by providing one of the best educational systems in Africa. He was speaking during his annual address to the youths on the occasion of this year’s Cameroon National Youth Day which took place on the 11th of February.

In his speech made on the 10th of February 2012 (the eve of the Youthday), President Biya recalled that the budgetary allocations of the ministries in charge of the different levels of education in the State Budget are among the highest. The National Youth day is celebrated on the 11th of February each year. This year”s Youthday was the 46th since its inception.

Please click the links below to read the Head of State’s full Address to the Cameroonian Youths. 

President Paul Biya’s Address to the Youths (English Version)

Message du Chef de l’état à la Jeunesse Camerounaise (Version Francais/French Version)

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