President Biya & 1st Lady Visit Flood Victims in Northern Cameroon

The Head of State, President Paul Biya together with the First Lady, Madame Chantal Biya have visited victims of flood ravaged cities and villages in Northern Cameroon. 

On September 19, 2012 following massive floods that have reportedly left 14 people dead and about 20,000 others homeless,  the First couple visited the first, second and third boroughs of Garoua…areas severely affected by the floods as well as Lagdo, about 70 kilometres from Garoua.

Speaking to victims in Lagdo, His Excellency Paul Biya first thanked the people of Lagdo for “the warm and friendly welcome that you have given me and my wife” despite the difficulties in which they found themselves following the floods.

President Biya explained that “I came today to Lagdo to comfort you. I have come to let you know you are not alone. The entire Cameroon is with you”.

While recognizing that there are families who have lost their homes, some their culture and others have lost loved ones, the Head of State then assured them that “I bring not only my compassion, but also the promise that the government will do everything to restore your physical situations”.

H.E Paul Biya also pointed out that…“while we cannot control floods…what we can do is fight against these natural disasters and make sure that Cameroonians continue to live in calm, peace and with at least some comfort”.

One of the most practical highlights of the president’s speech was his announcement of the creation of a Natural Disasters Victims Support Fund to help victims of natural disasters.

To conclude, The Head of State congratulated the people of Lagdo for…“the courage you have shown”. He added that…“I thought I would find people who are crying, but you have smiling faces…you are proud, I congratulate you”.

Mr. Biya reassured them that…“we will help you”…emphasizing on the fact that the people affected by the floods can count on the Cameroonian Government’s help and support to rebuild what has been destroyed.

President Paul Biya did not fail to acknowledge what he described as…“your courage and solidarity”. He explained that…“The sub-prefect told me that people, who were forced to leave due to the flooding, were generously welcomed into the homes of their compatriots”. It is for this example of solidarity in the face of adversity that President Biya sincerely congratulated the people of Lagdo.

It was a similar message that the Cameroonian leader had for the people of Garoua, capital of the Northern Region. There he also congratulated the people for the courage shown in the face of adversity. He promised that the government will remake or repair damaged infrastructures like roads in order to re-instate or improve on their standard of living as it was before the sad events. He told them that he had asked the government and administrative authorities to make an inventory of all damages and losses…“so that we can all be rehabilitated”. 



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