SPECIAL INFORMATION (Embassy Adaptations/Measures Due to Coronavirus Outbreak)

As part of the measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-I9, the Cameroonian Embassy in The Hague informs the public and users that its activity is limited to emergency services and of strict necessity until further notice. notice.

Consular services are subject to the following adaptations:

Visa applications: A test of Covid-19 is now required, in addition to the ordinary documents to be provided for anyone wishing to go to Cameroon or in transit through Cameroonian territory.

Visa application files must be sent via DHL, users are requested to make arrangements with DHL for the return of their documents

Passport requests: This service is suspended until further notice.

Declarations of civil status events: requests to transcribe Dutch documents can be made by mail as well as all signature legalizations. It is the same for under the other documents falling in this category.

Withdrawals of documents already deposited at the Embassy: by appointment

These requirements will be duly applied except in cases of justified emergency.

The Embassy invites people suffering from fever, cough or any other breathing difficulty not to present themselves to the Embassy whatever the emergency. It also requests staff and anyone with access to premises to observe the hygiene rules laid down by the WHO in order to prevent and limit contagion.

Thanking you for your good understanding

The Chargé d’affaires

Mrs. Fonda Haga Halima

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