Studying in the Netherlands

If you wish to study in the Netherlands, information is provided below.

Cameroonian citizens who wish to come and study in the Netherlands must get a Netherlands or Dutch visa (Schengen) before beginning studies. It is important to note that Dutch regulations about residence in the Netherlands are very strict. In most cases, you will need an ‘authorisation for temporary stay’ (MVV) to even enter the Netherlands. When remaining in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, you will need a residence permit.

As a result, obtaining an admission in a university or a visa of entry to the Netherlands, it would be necessary to start the formalities at least 6 months before the beginning of the session from which you are intending to begin your program of study. To learn more about this, we advise you to visit the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the website of the immigration and naturalisation Service:

For a detail and more precise information on Universities and other Professional institutions in the Netherlands; Admission requirements and fees, we recommend that you visit the website which provides a detailed information on English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programs available in the Netherlands. Also visit the following websites:,,


In the Netherlands, everyone is obliged to have a health or medical insurance. If you are planning on studying or doing an internship in the Netherlands, it is important to find out beforehand the cost of your medical insurance and which processes to follow as it depends on your personal situation.

The Embassy strongly advices you to make enquiries from your school or university first since most academic institutions have a contract with an insurer, the so-called ‘collective insurance’, which means that you can receive a discount on the insurance when you apply through your potential school or University. Also note that external advice might go contrary to what your learning institutions have planned or prepared for you.

For a general knowledge on medical Insurance for Foreign students, you can visit the Health information Centre in the Netherlands.

Information on scholarships to study in the Netherlands (Also see

Under some conditions, non EU citizens can benefit from scholarships from the institutions listed below, but these conditions are very restraining. Click on the link below: for details or go to the website Below is a list of some of the Universities that offer scholarships. (You have to research a little more).


We also advise Cameroonians who are interested in MBA programs worldwide to explore a worldwide directory of MBA schools and programs that include admission tips, scholarship links, and glossary of terms.

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