The Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam Signs Partnership with Laquintinie Hospital in Douala

On hand to witness and support the signing ceremony was the Cameroonian AmbassadAmbassador Melono chats with dr.Hong Josaputra. Dr. Gérémie Sollè, left and Mr. Koe, centre watch onor to the Netherlands, H.E Mrs. Odette Melono and the Second Secretary at the Cameroonian Embassy, Mr. Jean Patrice Koe Jr. Signing on behalf of Laquintinie Hospital was Laquintinie’s director, Dr Gérémie Sollè. He was part of a four man Cameroonian delegation which was also made up of an orthopedic surgeon from the Laquintinie Hospital.

The partnership agreement between Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam and Laquintinie Hospital Douala consists of many components. The main aim is to increase the quality of patient care in the Laquintinie Hospital by sharing medical, nursing and technical knowledge as well as knoCameroonian delagation with Maasstad hospital officialswledge on management.

The Maasstad Hospital will donate medical equipments or devices as well as transfer the knowledge on how to operate these equipments.

According to the agreement, through exchange, employees of the Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam can be sent to work in Laquintinie Douala, while on the other hand employees of Laquintinie Hospital in Cameroon can be sent to work and train at the same time at the Maasstad Hospital in the Netherlands.  The Partnership agreement creates the opportunity for both hospitals to learn from each other as well as exchange knowledge in several fields including the treatment of specific diseases.

The main initiator of the partnership deal is Maasstad hospital surgeon Dr. Hong Josaputra.

After the signing ceremony, the four man Cameroonian delegation headed by Ambassador Mrs. Melono was given a tour of the Maastad Hospital.

By Larry Bate Takang



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