Urgent Attention: Gov’t is Sharing 1 Billion CFA to Esseka Train Accident Victims

Esseka Train Accident: (train No. 152) on 21 October 2016


The Secretary-General at the Prime Minister’s Office wishes to inform the public that, following the provision by the Head of State of a special grant of one billion (1.000,000,000) CFAF as financial assistance to the injured, beneficiaries of the deceased or those who went missing after the accident of train No. 152 on 21 October 2016 in Eseka, the Prime Minister, Head of Government has set up an ad hoc committee tasked with overseeing the sharing of this grant to victims of this accident. The duties of the committee are as follows: – identify victims; define the modalities of classifying victims according to the injury suffered and draft criteria to allocate this financial assistance; determine the documents required to be filed by the persons eligible for assistance; define arrangements to make available financial assistance to victims or their beneficiaries.

Having taken note of the conclusions submitted for the approval of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Head of Government has ordered the publication of the list of beneficiaries of the assistance according to the classification and criteria set out below:

I. Survivors who have sustained any bodily injury and who can prove a total temporary disability of at least one (01) day, excluding persons who have suffered psychological and/or material damage; II- beneficiaries of the deceased; III- exceptionally, beneficiaries of missing persons.

Persons whose names appear on the lists attached are invited, within three (03) months from the 1st of November 2017, to submit complete files including the following documents at Governors’ Offices or Cameroon Embassies and Consular Offices, who will forward them to the Prime Minister’s Office. The documents include:

  1. a) For injured survivors:

Medical evidence from public or private hospitals approved by the Ministry of Public Health; – a certified copy of the National Identity Card (ID); a certificate of domicile; – bank details, if applicable.

  1. b) For beneficiaries of deceased victims:

Judgment of heredity or minutes of family meeting determining the property manager and the beneficiaries, approved by the competent SDO; – a certified copy of the National Identity Card of the property manager; a certificate of domicile; – a witness whose name appears preferably in the judgment of heredity or in the minutes of the family meeting; – certificate of the type of death of the deceased; a certified true copy of the birth certificate of the property manager (in case minutes of a family meeting are provided in lieu of the judgment of heredity) ; a formal signed proxy from all the adult beneficiaries listed in the minutes of the family meeting, accompanied by photocopies of their National Identity Cards and their telephone numbers; – bank details, if applicable.

  1. c) The beneficiaries of missing persons must prove the presence of missing persons in the train accident.

Moreover, the beneficiaries of deceased or injured persons who can prove bodily injury capable of giving rise to a total temporary incapacity of at least one day but whose names are not included in the lists, may file their complaints accompanied by supporting documents, either in Governors’ Offices, Cameroon Embassies or Consular Offices, or at the Prime Minister’s office (Department of Government Mail and Archives), for examination by the medical experts of the ad hoc Committee set up.

In any case, the issuance of cheques to the beneficiaries of this financial assistance to the accident victims by the Head of State will start from 1 November 2017, after progressive review of files provided by the persons concerned. A press release for the circumstance shall provide details on how to withdraw the cheques.

Below are the complete lists of the injured persons, deceased persons, and missing persons. Act accordingly as fast as possible.

I- List of the Survivors Who Have Sustained Bodily Injury and Who Can Poof a Total Temporary Disability of at Least One Day

2- List of the Deceased (Those who died)

3- List of those Still Missing


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