Welcome Note by the Ambassador

H.E Ambassador (Mrs) Odette Melono (Cameroon's Ambassador and Head of Mission to the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

H.E Ambassador (Mrs) Odette Melono
(Cameroon’s Ambassador and Head of Mission to the Kingdom of the Netherlands)


Dear Friends, fellow compatriots and colleagues,

I warmly welcome you to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon to the kingdom of the Netherlands. Our top priority is to assist Cameroonian citizens in the Netherlands and to provide you with an overview of Cameroon’s vision, its endeavours in the Netherlands and its role in the international arena.As the President of the Republic of Cameroon, His Excellency President Paul Biya believes, Cameroon’s message is about a promising future for all generations, especially the youth and those who are patriotic to uphold the flag and name of Cameroon in the darkness of the night and in the sunshine of day. In the words of President Paul Biya, “the time is ripe for a Cameroon of greater achievements”. And the time is ripe for us to devote our efforts to the attainment of our set objectives, namely the consolidation of our democratic institutions and the revival of our economic growth, development, fight against poverty and peace”.Our mission here in the Netherlands is to get this message of hope and of the future to all Dutch People and all supporters of Cameroon as well as our visitors from differentparts of the world.We hope this website offers you a window of opportunity to know more about our Cameroon, fondly referred to as “Africa in miniature”. If you have always wondered why they call Cameroon “Africa in miniature” or “All Africa in one”, it is simply because Cameroon as one Nation has great cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity, richly endowed with natural resources. If you want wildlife, sunny beaches, mountains, extraordinary landscapes e.g. plateaux, plains great caves and great rocks, forest walks, welcoming people, you’ll find it all in Cameroon. If you want one of the most diverse plant species you wouldn’t miss it on Mountain Cameroon alone with more than 1500 different plant species or the Korup forest which is second only to the Amazon jungle. That is why Cameroon is fast becoming a prime destination for international investment and tourism. Visit our About Cameroon page to learn more about its people, treasures, history, politics and culture.>We also wish to inform you of Cameroon’s activities and its political and economic relations with the Netherlands. Through cooperation, dialogue, and the exchange of ideas, Cameroon and the Netherlands have maintained a solid friendship based on tolerance, cooperation and understanding. Today, Cameroon partners with the Netherlands in several Trade Agreements in the pursuit of economic and social advancement as well as comfort and stability for each and every individual.

In Africa, Cameroon follows the path of development, democracy, human Rights and reforms to achieve a better tomorrow for our children and our children’s children.

Lastly, the Embassy of Cameroon website also interacts with the Cameroonian community residing in the Netherlands to build a forum for friendship, cooperation and the exchange of new ideas and experiences so that as one and indivisible people, we can bury all our differences, political, social, religious, cultural etc and jointly build the great Nation, Cameroon.

We hope that the information provided on this website will be useful to you and your contacts. We aim to provide the best customer service possible and welcome any comments or questions you may have in this regard. Please let us know how we might do better.>

Best Regards

Her Excellency Mrs.Odette Melono

(Cameroonian Ambassador)

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