National Symbols

The National symbols of Cameroon include:

The Country’s Name, the National Anthem, the National Colours (Flag), Coat or Arms, the Seal, the Motto, Official Languages, National Day, Currency and International (ISD) telephone dial code.


National Anthem: (Rallying Song or chant de Raillement in French)

Known worldwide as the ‘Rallying Song’, the national anthem of the Republic of Cameroon symbolizes the dreams and aspirations of Cameroonians as citizens of an independent Republic. It also talks about the sacrifices of the nation’s forefathers. It is also a pledge made to restore the peace and unity of the country for ages to come. Following the more popular version, the anthem is often known by its first name – ‘O Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers’.

Cameroon National Anthem

National Colours (The Flag):

cameroon_flag_02Green-Red-Yellow. Adopted in 1975, the vertical Pan-African tricolour has a bright yellow five pointed star at the centre (on the red). Green stands for Hope and the Southern Forests; Red stands for Unity and Yellow for Sunshine and Prosperity. The yellow star is referred to as the ‘Star of Unity’ signifying the unitary status of Cameroon. 

Some basic guidelines are needed to be followed by all concerned using the national flag of Cameroon.

  • The Cameroon’s national flag should be raised in a quick and energetic manner and also lowered ceremonially.
  • The flag should be treated with due respect and dignity deserving a national symbol.
  • The flag should not normally be flown in a position lower to that of any other flag, nor should the size be smaller.
  • When flown in Cameroon, the Cameroonian national flag takes precedence over all other national flags.
  • The national flag should not be used to cover a monument, statue or plaque for an unveiling ceremony; or to mask boxes or even cover a table or seat.
  • The flag should always be flown up and free and not allowed to fall or lie on the ground.
  • Even as a signal of distress, the flag should not be flown upside down. 

Coat of Arms:(Also called the National emblem)

125px-Coat_of_arms_of_CameroonThe Coat of Arms or national emblem has a banner above and one below it. Two crossed fasces, symbolizing authority, can be seen behind the shield which has the same color pattern as the national flag. In the centre of the shield, superimposed on top of a map of the country is the scale of justice. The bottom banner provides the name of the nation in French and English. The banner on top contains the national motto of Paix, Travail, Patrie /Peace-Work-Fatherland. 

The Seal: The seal of the Republic of Cameroon is a circular medallion in bas-relief, 46 millimeters in diameter, bearing on the obverse and in the centre the head of a girl in profile turned to the dexter towards a coffee branch with two leaves and flanked on the sinister by five cocoa pods, encircled beneath the upper edge by the French words “Republique du Cameroun” and above the lower edge by the national motto “Paix – Travail – Patrie”; on the reverse and in the centre the coat of arms of the Republic of Cameroon, encircled beneath the upper edge by the English words “Republic of Cameroon” and above the lower edge by the national motto “Peace – Work – Fatherland”.

Motto: The national motto of Cameroon is Peace-Work-Fatherland. It appears on the national emblem.

Official Languages: Cameroon has two official languages. English and French. Cameroon and Canada are the only two countries with exactly the same official languages. Unlike Canada, French is spoken by the majority of Cameroonians while English language although now spoken nationally is mostly spoken by the two English speaking regions; The North west and south West regions.

National Day: 20th May is the Republic Day and hence celebrated as the National Day. The National Youth Day celebrated on 11th February has also been given the status of a National Day. 

Currency: CFA Franc – The CFA is linked to the Euro through a guarantee by France that parity to the old French Franc will be maintained. The currency thus fluctuates against the world currencies in line with the Euro. cfa-franc





International (ISD) Dial Code: +237

The International dialing code for Cameroon is 00237 0r +237telephone

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