Dutch Ambassadors Gather in The Hague: African Diplomatic Group Invited to Jointly Discuss Draft Dutch Strategy for Africa

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINBUZA) will organize a 3 days conference of all Dutch ambassadors in March 2023, to discuss the various aspects of their country’s foreign policy. The conference is expected to take place at the Hague Conference Centre, New Babylon, Anna Van Buerenplein 29, in the Hague.

It should be noted that Dutch ambassadors come together once a year to discuss policy and the most important events of the year. This annual conference allows Dutch diplomats to understand better what is going on in the Netherlands and abroad.

This year, (end of March), the draft Dutch Strategy for Africa will be a key point of focus. As a result, the African Diplomatic Group (African Ambassadors) accredited to the Netherlands have been invited by the Dutch Foreign Ministry to the session.

On that day, March 28, 2023, discussions on the draft Dutch Strategy for Africa, will also extend to its first steps of its next implementation. African Ambassadors will be briefed on the current status of the project, after which the Dutch Ambassadors will join the round table.

The Head of Cameroon Diplomatic mission, H.E Madam LIGUEMOH ONDOUA Madeleine will be attending the conference to represent the Republic of Cameroon.

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