H.E Amb. Liguemoh Addresses Cameroonian Youths on the Occasion of National Youth Day 2021.

In Commemoration of the 55th Cameroon National Youth Day, Her Excellency Ambassador Mrs. Liguemoh hereby addresses all Cameroonian Youths in the Netherlands and Luxembourg as follows:

Dear Cameroonian Youths,

Cameroonian diaspora in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

It is with great pleasure that I address you today on the celebration of the 55th youth Day. Following the message of the Head of States, His Excellency Mr. Paul BIYA, who has always wished to see a well-fulfilled, dynamic and enterprising Cameroonian youth in all sectors and wherever they are, I would like to wish you an Excellent Day.

This year, the selected theme is “Youth, Resilience, challenges and opportunities in time of Covid-19”. It testifies the reality that youth, especially Cameroonian youth are currently experiencing. Indeed, your socio-economic environment is suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has deeply impacted each of you. For some, the consequences are serious and for others they are milder. Whatever the case, it would be good to feel grateful towards the God almighty for keeping you alive since the start of the pandemic up till now.

I know many of you have had to change your daily habits to adapt to the constraints of the terrible virus, which is not easy at all. Some of you have lost their jobs because of the distancing measures imposed for safety reasons. I am asking you to be optimistic. I suggest you take these circumstances as a call for resilience and to stimulate your ingenuity. Take this new challenge with much philosophy and optimism, which will foster new hope that you must cling to.

The Covid-19 crisis should not only be seen through the lenses of challenges or difficulties, much more, it provides many opportunities that you should explore. In addition, this health situation could be seen as an invitation to adapt your dreams to the new reality. You may also take advantage of the difficulties that might stand on your way.

For the second generation of Cameroonian in your respective countries, you should know your culture, your history, in order to share them with others in the prospects of a peaceful and winning celebration.

In these times of difficulty when life teaches us the importance of living in harmony, I urge you to remain united in the diversity of our Country. This diversity is our wealth and, peace, our treasure.

Long live the Cameroonian Youth of the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Long live Cameroon.

Her Excellency Ambassador


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