General Advice to Cameroonians

Advice to Cameroonians visiting the Netherlands for the purpose of tourism, business or studies:

Emergency Alarm number: The Alarm or emergency number of the Netherlands is 112 (for all emergencies). 112 is the single European emergency number to dial free of charge in case of an emergency across the European Union (EU). Other European countries also use 112 along with other numbers for different kinds of emergencies or services but only the Netherlands and Sweden use 112 as their only emergencynumber.

Medical: When a Cameroonian tourist or visitor is in need of medical assistance, the receptionist of the hotel or the landlord of a private room can call a doctor or ambulance from one of the local polyclinics or hospitals. For an ambulance, call 112. As in the big cities it may take up to 35 minutes (or more) for the ambulance to come, if there is a real emergency, you may call a taxi and ask to be taken to the emergency unit of the local regional hospital. The majority of Dutch emergency service personnel speak and understand English. If you speak just French, find out if there is anyone who can understand you as French is not a popular language in the Netherlands.

If you drink, do not drive. The attitude to driving while under the influence of alcohol is considered a serious offence in the Netherlands. Just like in Cameroon, and almost everywhere else in the world laws agains driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very important road safety issue.

Do not get involved in any way with drugs. The Cameroon Government severely frowns at the use or sale of illegal and dangerous drugs. The Cameroon Embassy, the Hague re-iterates Cameroon Government’s stands on this issue to Cameroonians resident or visiting the Netherlands to stay away from drugs and any illegal practices. It should be noted that, there are as well rules against the possession or sale of drugs in the Netherlands.

Be prepared against the weather conditions of European countries including the Netherlands in the winter. The climate in the Netherlands, particularly during the winter is very different from the tropical climate in most parts of Cameroon. Therefore, you are advised to bring very warm clothes with you while visiting the Netherlands.

Do check beforehand when hiring a car or other vehicle if there is proper insurance cover and if it covers injury to third parties.

Do take out medical insurance. Medical treatment is not free in the Netherlands and hospital bills (and medical repatriation) can be expensive.

Do remember that you are a guest in the country and respect Dutch Laws.

Emergency contacts: Do make sure your relatives or friends know where to contact you in case of emergency.

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