Tourist, Family and Other Visits



  1. National passport, valid at least for six (6) months
  2. One fully filled application form and one passport-size photograph (black and white or colour)
  3. Air Tickets (Proof of flight reservation). This must be a round ticket.
  4. If you travel by car: “carnet de passages en douane” and international insurance valid in Cameroon.(Carnet de Passages en Douane(CPD) is a customs document that allows travelers to temporarily import their motor vehicles into a country without having to leave a cash deposit at the border).
  5. Photocopy of vaccination against yellow fever
  6. Proof of income or financial support: Bank statement (with A minimum of 1,000 euros Balance);  salary statement; or a credit card with sufficient funds.
  7. A parental authorization together with identification documents of parents (for any request for a minor traveling with one parent or guardian). Also attach a photocopy of the birth certificate or any other legal document related to the child or minor e.g Foster care authorization etc.
  8. Hotel booking for the intended length of stay in Cameroon, or A legalized invitation letter, or a residential certificate from the person who has agreed to host you (the visitor).  Note: in this case you must request and present a copy of the National ID Card of your host in Cameroon, or a copy of the residence permit of your non-Cameroonian host. 
  9. Marriage certificate for mixed couples; husband/Cameroonian wife.


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