All In-Person Services Are Now Suspended Due to Spread of Covid-19. CLICK HERE Before Applying

Furthermore, whenever invited or visiting the embassy, please note that to prevent the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19) in general, the embassy has made made the following adaptations:

  • We are implementing Social distancing rules (Please respect these rules at all times).
  • COMPULSORY wearing of Face mask when entering and staying within the embassy premises.
  • Discouraging visits from all persons who at the time or date of visit to the embassy have (on the day) tested POSITIVE for the Corona virus. 

The Embassy invites people suffering from fever, cough or any other breathing difficulty not to present themselves at the Embassy whatever the emergency.

We also requests staff and anyone with access to the premises to observe the hygiene rules laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Dutch Government, in order to prevent, or limit the spread of the virus.

Thank You for Understanding.         

ENGLISH / Anglais
 FRENCH / Français
Visa Application Demande de visa
Passport Application/Demande de passeport Demande de passeport
Laissez-Passer Laissez-Passer
Certificate of Deposit of application of Ordinary Passport Attestation de Depot de Demande de Passeport Ordinaire
Certificate of Celibacy  Certificat de célibat
Change of Address Form
Formulaire de changement d’adresse
Embassy Registration (Consular Card Application)  Enregistrement a l’Ambassade (demande de carte consulaire)
Birth Certificate (Registration of Birth)  Certificat de naissance (enregistrement d’une naissance)
Declaration (under oath) for the Issuance of a Certificate of Celibacy Formulaire Déclaration sur Honneur
Parental Authorisation Form Autorisation Parentale
Power of Attorney Procuration 
Document Legalization Légalisation des documents
Death Certificate
Acte de deces
Marriage Certificate Acte de marriage
Certificatte of Relocation Certificat demenagement
Custom Certificate Certificat de Coutume
Attestation of Custom
Attestation de Coutume
Birth Certificate
Copie Acte de Naissance

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