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Sun and Beaches: (Seaside Resort Tourism).

If you love the beach, then Cameroon is your destination. You can either visit both Limbe Black sand beaches at Semme and Ngeme or visit the Magnificient and kribi Beach.

With its long rainforests stretching to the Atlantic Ocean and beaches close to the warmth of the equator, Cameroon is a charming place for eco-tourism. French colonial style architecture still stands, while traditional African art and music still fill the galleries. There are also large groups of animals coming to local watering holes, including elephants and giraffes.

Cameroon bounded by lakes, rivers and mountains and to a large extent forests offers very interesting places to tourists exploring Cameroon, especially the adventure lovers. Cameroon’s culture and tradition are embedded in all the places you visit in Cameroon. A well-known tourist’s destination for people visiting Africa, the places to visit in Cameroon can keep vacationers glued to the spot.

From the Waza National Park with diverse animal species like lions, elephants, giraffe, hippos, etc through the UNESCO nominated World Nature heritage site, The Dja Fauna Reserve, Cameroon has almost all. No doubt Cameroon is referred to as “all Africa in one”.

Below is a shortlist of the hundreds of places to visit: Visit several online sites for a more detailed information about Holidays ideas in Cameroon. You can also contact the Ministry of Tourism.

Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe in Yaounde: A vacationer’s description…”Abbias, intricate carvings on a dried fruit shell, are the pride of this small but fascinating museum”. Attraction type: Art gallery

National Museum of Yaounde (Le Musee National de Yaounde). Cultural and ecological treasures are housed in this former residence. Attraction type: Museum

Down Beach Limbe. Attraction type: Beach

Limbe Botanic Garden. Location: Limbe, Cameroon. Attraction type: Garden by the Atlantic Ocean. Cameroon’s “Garden of Eden”. Very green, fresh and extremely beautiful. This may be exactly what you need if you’re looking for a romantic beach holiday or a place where no one else matters

Mount Cameroon (Volcanic: 4100 metres high). This is the highest mountain in West and Central Africa. It has about 1500 plant species, thus rich with flora and Fauna. An ideal idea for hikers. Every year around January, there is an International Marathon organized from the bottom to the summit. This is called “The International Race of Hope”.

Korup National Park: This was established in 1986 and it was the first and foremost national park of Cameroon. Initially the Korup National Park was designated as a forest reserve. The specialty of the park lies in its capacity to hold the maximum number of plant species other than any African rainforest. Korup National Park is located in the western Cameroon and lies against the Nigerian border. The rainforest stretches to an area of about 1259 square kilometer. The area of the Korup National Park receives large amount of rainfall and receives relatively low amount of sunshine.

Korup National Park houses the unique plant species “Ancistrocladus korupensis” and this plant species is said to have the factors to fight against the life threatening HIV or AIDS. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has undertaken the project of Korup National Park and it is the largest project under WWF.

Korup National Park of Cameroon is the very part of Korup project and the project also includes three forest reserves as well as a buffer zone for agricultural purpose. Other forest reserves are namely the Nita-Ali, Ejagham and Rumpi Hills respectively. Hence the Korup National Park is not an independent body and the project developers often face frictions with the adjacent villagers.

Musa Heritage Gallery

Campo Ma’an National Park etc

For some, the idea of a sublime beach holiday can only be tied with ultimate luxury: wonderful beaches, air and sea combined with the highest quality in decor, great hotel services, impeccable pools, and of course, a decadent spa. If you are of this category, the black sand beaches of Semme and Gemme in Limbe and the spectacular beaches of Kribi welcome you.

For others to whom a Cameroonian beach holiday might not be their taste, there is so much plenty to do.

Islands: Of course, the little uninhabited islands a few hundred meters from the Limbe Down beach can equally be all about you need for a unique adventure with the birds and the bats. From there you can even plunge into the ocean if that is your dream. These islands are ideal for divers, fishermen and the adrenaline junkies. For bird watchers…what a place?

Family holidays have their own criteria for success. Great entertainment for the kids is provided by sightseeing that appeals to the whole family throughout Cameroon. There are plenty of wild flowers to play with and genuine tropical fruits.

Resorts, such as the ones found in Yaounde, Douala, Limbe, Kribi, Buea, Waza etc are a fantastic way of having a hassle-free beach holiday. Plenty of fun activities including excursion and all your meals are taken care of. Why would you ever want to leave?

Cameroon is where it all began: home of the famous Football legend Roger Milla, goal keeper Thomas Nkono and Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o Fils. Football is religion and still, Cameroon holds the record of the only African country to have reached the semi-finals at the world cup. Maybe by chance, you might meet the legend who still holds two records with both (Guinness and FIFA) for the oldest player to have played in a World cup match and the oldest player to have scored a goal at a football World cup competition at the age of 42. .

Cameroon is famous for its very rich upland areas like several mountains e.g Mount Cameroon, Rhumsiki Mountain, Manenguba mountain, Mount Oku (3011m high), Tchabal Mbabo (2460m), Chappal Wadi (2419m), Dimlang (2042m), Mont Ngaoui (1410m) etc as well as Adamawa plateaux and plains like the Mbo and Ndop plains.

Above all it’s the wildlife that attracts the safari traveler to some of Africa’s best-known national parks, including the Waza, Korup, Campo Ma’an National Park etc and ofcourse the incredibleDja Faunal Reserve that is the biggest attraction for adventurers and environmentalists due to its almost 90% untouched jungle.

Timing your trip to coincide with the Limbe canoe race, or the SONARA Marathon, or the mount Cameroon race of hope, or yet the Garoua horse race will be an unforgettable experience.

Cameroon is also a country full of pleasant surprises. Where else can you find a country so diverse in culture with about 250 ethnic languages, two official languages(English and French) and even diversity in plant, animal and soil types from region to region?

So, what to expect on a Cameroonian safari holiday? Well, you’ll have the choice of staying in a range of fine accommodation; anything from mobile safari tented camps to fine old lodges steeped in tradition and spanking new, state-of-the-art hotels.

As for actually seeing the country, taking a holiday to Cameroon is the best way to get a good overview of what this big, diverse country has to offer.

If you’re looking for more ideas, why not combine your Cameroon trip with gorilla trekking in

The Deng Deng National Park, which covers 224 square miles (580 square kilometers), an area the size of Chicago. This park was recently created by Cameroon to protect a population of 600 gorillas, along with other threatened species such as chimpanzees, forest elephants, buffaloes, and bongo.

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), a group that played an instrumental role in identifying the area for protection, welcomed Cameroon’s decision.

Don’t miss Cameroon’s variety of beer if you are a beer drinker or a chance to visit the great Rubber, banana, cocoa, palm, tea, and coffee plantations spread across the country. Do not also miss the chance to play golf in Yaounde at the Mont Febe Golf Course, or the CDC Tiko golf course.

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