Breaking News: Express Visa Service Now Available at our Embassy

Our Embassy is happy to announce to the General public that as from the 11th of February 2019, an Express Visa Service is now available at the Cameroonian Embassy in the Hague.

What does this mean?

Through the Express Visa Service Visa applicants can apply and get their visas (If approved) the same day or in a few hours. The idea is to make it possible to issue visas faster for those who need a visa the same day, especially those coming from far away or from outside the Netherlands.

Does it cost more?

The answer is YES. Applicants wishing to apply and receive a visa the same day will be required to pay an extra amount for this express (Fast) Service. The additional amount will soon be published on the Visa application page. For now, please contact the Embassy for additional information or the cost.

Note: Whether applying for a visa normally or applying through the Express Service, all applicants MUST and are required to provide all the necessary documents for visa applications.

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