ANNOUNCEMENT: The Government of the Republic of Cameroon has launched the electronic visa or E- Visa


The Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is pleased to inform the public that the Government of the Republic of Cameroon has launched the electronic visa or eVisa. This new entirely digitalized form of visa will start on April 30, 2023. Its main aim is to facilitate the visa granting process, thus making it more diligent. Accordingly, visa applicants for Cameroon are advised to connect to

Follow all the steps here under:

  1. applicant registers online by filling in the form then uploads the required documents;
  2. applicant pays the required fees online ;
  3. Embassy examines the file and makes a decision. If the file is accepted, there are two
  4. The visa is granted at the Embassy to those who can travel to The Hague. Such applicants will receive an electronic message for an appointment for the Applicants must bring the original documents used in the pre- enrolment together with the passport, with a minimum of 6 month validity. The visa will be affixed in the passport.
  5. An electronic authorization with a QR code will be provided to collect electronic parameters of those who cannot come to the Embassy. Such people would be able to travel to Cameroon with a printed authorization.They will also have to bring along the original documents used for the pre-enrolment. Their parameters will be collected at the entry check point into Cameroon and a six- month validity visa will be stamped into their

It should be noted that:

  1. No file submitted outside the platform will be admitted

and processed.

  1. The policy of submitting documents to the above mentioned platform does not apply to holders of Diplomatic service passports or officials of the host They will have to submit their files to the Embassy.

The Embassy is highly appreciative of users good collaboration and thanks them to abiding to the E-Visa platform.

Download Announcement Here

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